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Meet Regina Mauro


Regina Mauro is an accomplished businesswoman, educator and lifelong conservative activist. She is a mother to two Russian adopted sons, the wife of 35 years to the son of an Italian immigrant, the daughter of Cuban immigrants, a cancer survivor, and speaks with varying degrees of fluency in five languages.

Regina received her Bachelor's Degree at Villanova University and her Master's Degree in Business at Georgia State University. Throughout her career, Regina has used her MBA to conduct business for companies across the globe, and currently runs her own small business here at home.

Regina Mauro is a proven leader who refuses to back down and will never compromise when it comes to God, family, and country.

She has lived in Pennsylvania for 30 years and currently lives in Devon with her husband, a Pennsylvania native.

"Cuban blood, American heart"

Professional Highlights

  • International expansion via strategic partnerships, and mergers and acquisitions (Fortune 1000 - Mexico, Chile, Argentina)
  • Corporate-Affiliates Operations training and transition lead (Fortune 1000 - Cincinnati, Tulsa)
  • Regional talent acquisition, training and development (Fortune 1000 - Philadelphia, Mexico, Atlanta)
  • Merchandise selection and importation (Australia, France, Italy, Spain)
  • Co-established and managed Regional Credit Reporting Center (Fortune 1000, Philadelphia)
  • Sales Manager (largest office in the US for Fortune 1000, Atlanta)
  • Search engine and credit risk algorithm development (Fortune 1000 - Latin America)
  • New Product Development Manager (Fortune 1000, Atlanta HQ)
  • Featured in national television 30-sec commercial representing Fortune 500 Co. (Telemundo – 9 mo. run)
  • Featured speaker on various platforms (podcasts, live television, webinar, in-person town halls).
  • E-commerce company start-ups (Private Enterprise and as Small Business Owner)

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