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Local Issues

Stances on Local Issues in Pennsylvania’s 6th District

Cost of Living

It is no secret the cost of living has skyrocketed all over the nation, including our 6th District. While tackling inflation at the federal level is the only way to stop the devaluation of our currency, there are things we can do here on the local level to reduce our cost of living.

A member of the United States Congress is able to use the influence that comes with said office. By promoting local private sector partnerships between organizations positioned to provide necessary services or products, we can collectively improve the quality of life and encourage lower living costs. That is what I plan to do for Pennsylvania’s 6th District. In nearly every area of life, government intervention and excessive taxation is making everyone poorer by increasing the cost of living for consumers. We must immediately reduce the income tax and get rid of frivolous regulations that hurt the poor and the middle class.

As Ronald Reagan said in his 1981 Inaugural Address, “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”


Due to vaccine mandates still in place in some sectors of our communities, unvaccinated critical service providers, such as sheriffs and policemen, are being prevented from going back to work. This is the last thing we need if we want to combat crime in our cities. Ending these vaccine mandates so our law enforcement can once again patrol our streets, along with providing a liveable wage to our underpaid first responders, is critical to combat crime in our cities and ensure a safe district for all.


I am a staunch believer in school choice. Parents should always have the right to choose the education they believe is best for their child. School funding should follow the child, not the mandated school in which they are zoned. Berks County and Chester County both have over-performing and under-performing schools. There is no moral reason to prevent children in under-performing schools from attending any of our better schools. Parents in District 6 should be the ones deciding their child’s education. This is never a decision the government should be allowed to make.

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