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Elbert Guillory, Former Democrat State Senator Turned National Republican Figure, Endorses Regina Mauro for U.S. Congress

Pennsylvania Congressional District 6 Today, Elbert Guillory, former Democrat State Senator turned staunch Republican and current GOP candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana, endorsed Regina Mauro for U.S. Congress in Pennsylvania’s 6th District. Guillory is most known for his 2013 viral announcement video, in which he abandoned the Democrat Party and declared his bold decision to switch to the GOP, stating, “It is the right decision, not only for me, but for all my brothers and sisters in the black community.”

Guillory, a former civil rights attorney, immediately became a national figure within the Conservative base. His video release garnered weeks of national news coverage across all major networks, with millions of views in the first few days alone.

“It gives me great joy to endorse Regina Mauro for U.S. Congressional District 6 in my former home state of Pennsylvania,” Guillory said. “As the child of legal Cuban immigrants, Regina knows just how important it is to have strong border security. Additionally, her parents’ first-hand experience of the Cuban government stripping their law-abiding citizens of our God-given right to self defense is key to understanding what not to do if we want to combat crime in our cities.”

“I fully trust Regina to always stand for school choice; giving every student the opportunities they need to succeed in life, no matter what neighborhood they may come from. I look forward to campaigning for Regina in my former home state and can’t wait to see the blessings of liberty abound us all,” Guillory added.

“I am so humbled by Senator Guillory’s support,” Mauro said. “I have been a fierce admirer of his since he released his viral video in 2013, explaining why he left the Democrat Party. As a Hispanic and daughter of immigrants, I strongly relate to his recognition of the damage that today's Democrat party has done to our communities. Elbert Guillory embodies everything that a God-fearing, liberty-loving American is about. I am thrilled to team up with him in an effort to bring more Americans into the freedom that is small government.”