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National Republican Figure Kim Klacik Endorses Regina Mauro

Pennsylvania Congressional District 6 – Yesterday, Congressional candidate Regina Mauro was endorsed by Kimberly Klacik, former 2020 Republican nominee in Maryland’s 7th Congressional District and rising star in the Republican Party. Klacik vowed to campaign, fundraise and personally donate to Mauro via her massively successful 2020 Congressional PAC, which went viral in an ad hitting Baltimore Democrats and subsequently raising an unprecedented 6 million dollars.

“I’m super excited to support and endorse Regina Mauro for Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District,” Klacik said. “She is the best candidate situated to beat the current female incumbent, the Democrat that we have to get out of office. She is a businesswoman, she is the daughter of immigrants, pro-life and pro-Second Amendment.” Klacik ended her statement with a promise of seeing Pennsylvanians on the campaign trail.

“I’m grateful that a conservative leader like Kim has given me her support,” Mauro said. “She knows, like I do, that we have to fire Nancy Pelosi and the only way we are going to do that is by defeating my liberal Democrat opponent this fall. Kim also knows I’ll stand up for conservative values like life, the Second Amendment and smaller government; and I’ll never back down. I look forward to campaigning with her across the 6th District to take back this Congressional seat.”