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The Republican National Hispanic Assembly Endorses Regina Mauro

Pennsylvania Congressional District 6 – Yesterday, U.S. Congressional candidate, Regina Mauro, was proud to be endorsed by the Republican National Hispanic Assembly for Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District. It is the largest Republican Hispanic organization in the country. National Vice Chairman, Santiago Avila, Jr., issued a strong statement of support for Mauro’s campaign in the fight to defeat the incumbent Democrat Congresswoman and take back this Pennsylvania seat.

“Mrs. Mauro’s relentless voice in favor of those disadvantaged in Pennsylvania is second to none. The fact that Mrs. Mauro believes in “Equal Opportunity” over “Equal Outcome” sets her apart from the rest. While the decision was not taken with ease, Mrs. Mauro has consistently stood apart from the other candidates. She has from the beginning expressed a willingness to serve all Americans. We have heard Mrs. Mauro, and we are delighted that she is a breath of fresh air! A person of and for the People vs. a smooth-talking politician. Her knowledge of the District and the Constitution is something that isn’t seen very often. Her commitment to God, Family, and Country is honorable – for these reasons, we are honored to endorse and highly recommend her.”

"I am humbled by this endorsement from such a respected and established national organization,” Mauro said. “Core principles of small government, individual liberty, protection of human life, law and order, legal immigration, and fiscal responsibility are strongly held by Hispanic-Americans. I look forward to working on behalf of the people of my district to ensure liberty and prosperity are reflected on our nation's agenda.”