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I shudder at the thought of the lives of my adopted sons having been ended, depriving us and the world of their contributions and right to live. Protecting human life should not be up for debate. We, as a society, must restore our humanity and prevent the toxic spread of the fallacy that it’s the “mother’s right” to savagely dispose of a defenseless human’s body.

Defunding Planned Parenthood is a crucial first step. I vow to never vote for a budget that includes the continuation of funding Planned Parenthood. This complete disregard for human life must end now.

Our goal is to save human life, not pass judgment.

We must also find ways to help women with unintended pregnancies, who do not have the means to provide the child with a healthy, loving living environment. One where the child can thrive.

Let's foster better adoption programs with the private sector, promote life as the only humane option, and above all… let’s empower women to choose life!

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