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School Choice

“There’s a huge uptick of momentum for securing parental rights and educational freedom. COVID didn’t break the public school system, but it has shined a spotlight on the main problem with K-12 education, which happens to be the massive power imbalance between the government school monopoly and individual families.”
-Corey DeAngelis, Ph.D., National Director of Research at American Federation for Children

School choice is essential to ensuring every child has access to the best possible education. The zip code children are born in should never dictate their ability to attend an excellent school. Anyone who governs otherwise is sentencing children in failing school districts to a poor education and subjecting them to unequal opportunity in succeeding academically.

Parental choice is not up for debate. A record level of voters now support school choice, with a most recent study citing 71% of registered voters being in favor. Around $16,000 of taxpayer dollars per child, per year are allocated for education from K-12th grade. That money should follow the parents’ choice for their child’s education, not the school district they live in. It is your money, your kids, and your choice.

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