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Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is non-negotiable. Our founders had the experience of fighting a war of independence to know this was an essential right to include in our Bill of Rights. No matter how weapons may evolve with technology over the years, the virtue remains true- every person has a God-given right to defend him or herself. The Second Amendment is the last line against tyranny. As a child of Cuban immigrants, I have heard firsthand the horror stories of what happens when the government takes your guns. 

Our forefathers taught us throughout history that government is the number one reason for the necessity of the Second Amendment. Today, that remains true. Additionally, our yearly national statistics show that guns are also essential to self-defense of one’s life and property, while also being the great equalizer. There is nothing that comes close to leveling the playing field like a gun in the hands of a victim who is much smaller than their attacker. 

While Democrats insist on passing red flag laws and more gun control, they ignore the reality that their previous legislation did not solve what they say they’re trying to solve. In fact, there is no legislation that can “stop” gun violence, as an immoral government cannot legislate morality. Since the Gun-Free Zone Act was passed in 1990, nearly 98% of mass shootings have happened in gun-free zones. We have allowed our schools, our very children, to become magnets for evildoers that know there is no way any of their victims can defend themselves. 

Like several Republicans in Congress before me, I propose to repeal all gun-free zones and allow every law-abiding citizen to carry a weapon. Law-abiding citizens should always have the right to self-defense, even where the Democrats want to completely strip us of our personal security and leave us so vulnerable, that it’s too late. Passing the background check laws already in place ensures these gun owners are in fact legal and law-abiding gun owners. There is zero need for more legislation. 

I will always, without exception, vote against all gun control measures and red flag laws.

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